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The place to eat well

People who live in Brazil know: good food, friendly and attentive service, only here in São Paulo.The city has about 15,000 restaurants, originating from 52...

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Have a ball at Museu do Futebol!

In 2014, the year that Brazil will host the World Cup, there's nothing more appropriate than to visit the Soccer Museum located at the Paulo Machado de Carvalho...

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Ibirapuera Park, guaranteed leisure

Without a doubt, the paulistano’s sweetheart! Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, a 1.584 square km. area, three artificial lakes, a jogging trail, a bicycle lane, lighted...

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Graffiti - São Paulo’s face

Restless, nervous and in constant transformation, São Paulo has found in graffiti its most genuine translation.The most famous graffiti artists in town are Os...

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Life in the jungle.

The World famous 7,000,000 square kilometers area of the Amazon Jungle includes territory belonging to nine nations. The majority of the forest is contained in seven...

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Oscar Niemeyer and his legacy

One of the biggest and more important architects of all times, Oscar Niemeyer Ribeiro Soares Filho, died at 104 years of age, on December 5th. 2012. He was responsible...

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